Season’s Greetings

During this holiday period, I want to thank you all very much for the support you have showed this nascent blog in 2010. The good discussions I have had with reader in the comment section or via email made every minute of the adventure worth it. The good feedback I received exceeded every expectations I ever had for the blog and I hope that 2011 will be just as prosperous for the Quantum Financier blog.

Now to you that take time during this time of festivities to read this post, I wish the best for the holiday period and a very successful year trading and evolving with the markets in 2011.




2 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings”

  1. I found your blog not so long time ago, and it’s a great thing. Motivation and aim are clear, and you’re going to it.
    I’m actively experimenting in the area of algorithmic trading at least for a year, and it would be nice to share experience with you and test various ideas with you too.

    Merry christmas, and a wishes of a good, profitable coming new year!

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