Blog Beauty Pageant

Just a quick post to tell you not to be surprised if I change the theme of my blog, or at the very least the font size, during the day, some reader have brought to my attention the difficulty to read posts. I will be experimenting with WordPress’ themes and HTML today to find a solution. It is made harder by the fact that I don’t really want to take a blog theme already used by the quant blogosphere big players (a real shame since they are pretty nice). Regardless, expect a post testing the time machine algorithm on different asset classes; commodities, currencies later today.


2 thoughts on “Blog Beauty Pageant”

  1. I’ve always preferred dark text on light background, but yours isn’t that difficult to read. I’d love to see a post sometime on Luck vs. Skill. Most of the people here probably develop their own trading systems. How do you discern the difference between a “lucky” system and a “skilled” one? I find it to be an interesting debate.

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for the comment. Your post suggestion is a very good idea, I will get to it a little later in the blog, since I am all about the numbers, I mostly use statistical tests to establish significance vs luck (i.e. White’s reality check or Hansen SPA, both with bootstrap samples etc.).

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